The Gosling Factor logo design

Meet the money monk

In 2020, after following his own plan based on six ‘financial freedom’ factors, Tom Gosling left his senior role at PwC, long before normal retirement age. Now he spends his time on things he loves doing, which includes passing on all he’s learned to professionals, with some financial coaching.

Tom asked us to help build a visual identity, branded documents and a website for his new coaching venture and to collaborate on some videos to introduce the core of his coaching course: his six financial freedom factors.

As well as being a qualified actuary and financial coach, Tom is a bibliophile, which is how we arrived at branding and a website that loosely resembles an old, mathematical treatise. The spacious design allows the reader to concentrate on Tom’s friendly, pragmatic advice without any distractions.

If you‘re wondering, a money monk is a personal money type. Your type, generally speaking, encapsulates your feelings about the green stuff.

Tom’s website videos were shot and edited by Mats Lignell at Unsaid.

Tom’s introductory video

The Gosling Factor video covers

Tom’s logotype is designed to adapt for his video titles

The Gosling Factor web design
The Gosling Factor document design

Tom’s business documents make bold use of some historic engravings

The Gosling Factor design palette

Brand colours (left to right): Pupil, Beak, Light feather, Dark feather and Tail

The Gosling Factor

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