Seven logotype design

The seven angles of Karen Thomas-Bland

When Karen Thomas-Bland came to us for help with naming and branding her new business transformation consultancy, she was already a very accomplished consultant with clients like Accenture, EY, National Grid, Visa and WPP in her portfolio.

From a list of 30 proposed names, ‘Seven’ won the day. Karen had (without steering the project in any way) explained in our first meeting that she approached business transformation from seven angles: strategy, process, technology, data, financials, staff and customers.

The logotype represents a change of direction, whilst the new website utilises a natural, earthy palette and imagery. It’s a refreshing contrast to the high-tech, big-city style favoured by a lot of her peers. The website collates all of her articles and insights and is a testament to her down-to-earth approach to business problem-solving.

Seven brand identity and website design
Seven brand identity and website design

Seven Transformation

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Seven brand identity and website design
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