Neo, a London-based start-up, asked us to develop their new technology logo design and all their marketing communications.

Their business was specifying, fitting and maintaining the very latest digital technology for the home. Neo centralised control of all this technology through a digital tablet or by remote access. They could also link it to other devices around the house. This is the home automation (AKA domotics) that was promised in 1950s science fiction.

This kind of technology logo design also had to work on new products that Neo had in their pipeline. The logo had to perform at 5mm high on device screens and 5m high on exhibition stands. Numerous sketches of the logo were made to determine the perfect level of complexity inside the design and the ratio of white space to stroke thickness. If the technology logo design was too dense, it would ‘fill in’ and be indecipherable at very small sizes. If the strokes were too thin, the logo would appear weak and spidery at very large sizes. The mark also had to survive screen printing and imprinting onto products – processes that can often degrade a technology logo design if it’s not got enough visual weight.

Neo technology logo design

Neo technology logo design

Neo technology literature

Neo technology literature

The silver and red Neo technology logo design is one of several pieces of our work to be featured in the Logo Lounge graphic design books, published by Rockport.