Matrix Science

Matrix Science produce one of the leading software packages in the life sciences field. Their product range, Mascot, is firmly established as the standard for protein identification using mass spectrometry data.

Collaborating closely with the company founders, we developed a new Matrix Science brand identity. First, logo design: if you’ve ever looked closely at mass spectrometry data output (you haven’t?) you’ll see that it’s made up of curving peaks and troughs. These peaks and troughs mark the presence of proteins. Taking these scattered shapes as inspiration, we designed a new logotype for the company that was a visual echo of the data with a canny execution of the letter M embedded.

Matrix Science logotype design

Matrix Science logotype

The packaging for the five Mascot software products required a more abstract treatment because of the very specialised nature of each product. Visualising each product in a literal way would have been almost impossible (and very dull, to be honest). We decided to take hundreds of photographs of shape-shifting chemicals with a plan to use the most colourful and intriguing ones as a memorable part of the new brand identity.

Matrix Server packaging design

Mascot Server brand packaging

Mascot Distiller packaging

Mascot Distiller brand packaging

The website then became an exercise in implementing the new Matrix Science brand identity whilst keeping the text-heavy and technically complex site fast-loading and easy to use. This was achieved by giving brand design templates and guidance to the in-house development team at Matrix Science who then implemented everything.

Matrix Science website

Matrix Science website