Back in May 2013, a start-up business spun out of London Business School came to us for help. They asked us to name, brand and build a web application for their new employee assessment product.

The assessment is founded on a very simple concept: a person’s strengths are best identified by people that know them very well – partners, relatives, friends and work colleagues. The product gathers a wide range of stories about a participant’s ‘best moments’ from this group.

The insights gained from this process help organisations create more productive work environments and assist with new hires. It also enables strength-based performance reviews and can raise staff retention rates. That last fact has been empirically proven in the workplace.

Essentic logotype design

Essentic logotype

We helped name the company Essentic and the new product was launched as 1Self. We then implemented new branding and a major web application that delivered and managed the 1Self assessment from start to finish.

Essentic web application design

Essentic web application

In the summer of 2015, with 1Self already used and praised by a range of institutional and corporate clients, we began a project to help conceive and design Point Positive, the second Essentic product. Point Positive is based on the same principles as 1Self but is a new web application that takes contributions from participants in a number of formats. They include stories, photographs, audio and video. Point Positive also goes on to help participants convert their new-found insights into long term, positive action in their personal lives and careers.

Essentic Point Positive web application design

One of the visuals for Point Positive, Essentic’s second product

The brand new Essentic website running 1Self and Point Positive launched in January 2016. It’s a complex web application that manages every aspect of a personal assessment – from sending introductory emails to participants, to receiving and storing text, audio and video contributions, to producing an individual’s report as a custom PDF or a secure web page. Point Positive feels more like a social media environment than 1Self, but both continue to prove invaluable to institutions and corporates. Participants have described their Essentic experience as life-changing.

Essentic clients include London Business School, Harvard Business School, Ericsson, AT Kearney, Vodafone and Porsche.