Physio on the River logo design

Making a name for our local physiotherapy practice

Sometimes your new name is right under your nose. So we discovered when we took on rebranding for The Barnes Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic during their relocation.

The clinic moved into the deceptively spacious old ticket office, next to Barnes Bridge rail station in South West London. Sat right beside the Thames, Physio on the River pretty much named itself when we drew up a list of ideas.

The logo was a result of time spent under a camera, coaxing glycerin into the right kind of shapes. Then we added a little retouching. 3D modelling software might have worked but it wouldn’t have given us the happy accidents we were looking for. Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty (or wet) instead of tapping away at a keyboard.

The Physio on the River brand identity has been extended across all practice materials, interior design and signage. It’s even been splashed across a Smart car that whizzes around the local area.

Physio signage and car

Brand signage and ‘Phizzy’ the Smart car

Physio on the River

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