Kith & Kin CBD oil

Building a CBD brand you could love

It’s not what you think.

CBD oil has been sold in the UK for a few years now but it’s often confused with regular cannabis by the general public — and plenty of CBD brands are exploiting the ambiguity. CBD and cannabis are derived from the same plant family but only one gets you high. Full or broad spectrum CBD oil contains barely a trace of psychoactive chemicals and users are claiming very positive effects for anxiety, insomnia and pain.

Kith & Kin import 100% organic Swiss CBD oil, farmed and extracted to Bio Suisse standards, Switzerland’s toughest regulations. Making it available to UK consumers meant finding a name, developing a visual identity, designing packaging and an ecommerce website to sell it through.

The name, chosen from a presentation of 40, was inspired by the company founders’ evangelism. They were recommending CBD to friends and family, after they’d experienced the effects for themselves. It seemed a natural step to try and capture that enthusiasm in the branding.

Kith & Kin are committed to giving their customers 100% organic, fully certified CBD oil that can be traced all the way back to its source on an Alpine hillside. Their supply chain is transparent and monitored at every stage. In a market that’s still very wild and immature, Kith & Kin promise trust and authenticity.

And who couldn’t love a brand like that?

Kith & Kin logo design

The Kith & Kin logotype (stacked version)

Kith & Kin CBD oil packaging
Kith & Kin CBD skin care packaging

CBD products from the Kith & Kin range

Kith & Kin website

The Kith & Kin website

Kith & Kin

Brand identity
Packaging design
Graphic design
Web design


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