K2 logotype design

Feeling at home, abroad

The world’s biggest international brands trust K2 to fulfill their global mobility needs. K2 manage the relocation of executives from one side of the planet to another. In 2018 they asked us to help them create a stronger brand identity and a new website to do justice to their international presence.

Managing director Nick Plummer named the business ‘K2’ after the famous peak in the Karakoram range. For many years the name operated with an explanatory ‘Corporate Mobility’ beside it.

After some research, it became clear that the brand no longer needed that addition, which freed us up to develop simpler visual ideas with ‘K2’. Using the space outside of the new logo, the mountain is always visible, with the larger side in dark shadow or sunlit, depending upon the tone of the background.

If you take for granted the fact that a relocation must go smoothly and to schedule, we argued that a move could be deemed a success if an executive felt truly at home in their new country. That feeling is often given by the familiar things they take with them — such as favourite pieces of clothing, cherished furniture or pets. And so the new K2 image series ‘At home, abroad’ was conceived.

The image series has been used across the K2 website and a wide range of marketing communications, with plans to add more in the near future. The idea is being further developed for K2 Bespoke, a new, premium service offered by the brand.

The new branding is evolving with K2 and distinguishes them in an industry that tends to reach for the usual business traveller clichés.

K2 website design

The new K2 website at launch

K2 Paris dress
K2 Singapore bed
K2 London dress
K2 Melbourne dog

Four images from the ‘At home, abroad’ series, used in K2 marketing


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