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How do you discover your best self? Ask those that know you best

In May 2013, a start-up spun out of London Business School called us. Could we name, brand and build their new personal strengths web application? By happy accident, we named the company ‘Essentic’ during the product naming process as well.

The web application, Point Positive, is based on a very simple idea: your strengths are best identified by people that know you very well — partners, relatives, friends and colleagues. Point Positive gathers stories about your strengths from this group as text, photographs, audio recordings and video. Then everything is collated in a very powerful online review.

A participant can convert their new-found insights into long term, positive action in their personal life and their career, while Point Positive helps organisations to make new hires, run strengths-based performance assessments and build productive work environments.

Those that have been through the process describe it as ‘transformative’, ‘uplifting’, ‘humbling’ and ‘unimaginably powerful’.

Essentic clients include London Business School, Harvard Business School, Carrefour, Ericsson, AT Kearney, Vodafone and Porsche.

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The spring-loaded Essentic logotype

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Essentic Point Positive web application

Inside Essentic’s Point Positive web application


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