Thank you

All the clients that have, and continue to, put their trust in us.
Rob Percy for the photo of Steve Gibson.
Mark Creer for his unstinting work on Essentic.
Hervé Salters for keeping our ears entertained.
Irfan Baluch for being our favourite lawyer.
Tjalf Sparnaay for the loan of his fried egg.
Marcus Angell — client of 16 years and counting.
Clare Gibson for proofing these pages.


This website was built in-house at Gibson, London, and fuelled by Milkybar White Chocolate Buttons.


Marr Sans Regular, Italic and Semibold from Commercial Type.
Caslon Doric Condensed Bold from Commercial Classics.


Staedtler 925 0.5mm propelling pencil.
Edding 8400 marker.
Pentel N50 marker.