Clarks brochure design

Clarks for kids

The UK sports shoe market was growing but Clarks weren’t seeing a large enough share. The marketing for CICA, their children’s sports brand, desperately needed to get in shape.

We got stuck into writing and designing a vivid, hexachrome colour brochure and a range of point-of-sale material that appealed to kids and parents. a lively design, with some cool stickers on the wraparound cover, but upholding the traditional Clarks principles of perfect fit and comfort. Then we devised a ‘Design your own trainer’ competition that generated sackloads of entries. The winning designers had their shoes manufactured and presented to them — quite a thrill when you’re only eight years old.

CICA brand sales rose by 15% that year.

We followed the hugely successful CICA work with an Out of School brochure (selling the shoes kids might wear when they get home), a wide range of UK press advertising and more instore graphics.

Clarks brochure design

Yes, that grey pair are called Nosegrab


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