Ariel Atom 4

Branding a uniquely British kind of car club

Our relationship with Ariel began in 2000 when the revolutionary Atom first saw daylight and Simon Saunders, Ariel’s MD, demonstrated the principle that less really does mean more. More grip. More acceleration. More terror. We were sold. Our first Atom ordered. Here’s a quick and contemporary review, courtesy of Chris Harris on Top Gear.

Fast forward to 2005, when we were asked to help devise advertising for the Ariel Atom 2. Some 300bhp installed in a 500kg car — acceleration that feels like you’re being kicked up the road by an angry deity. Speed up to 2010 and we helped design the graphics for Atom X, an event celebrating a decade of the Ariel Atom. In 2015, we designed Atomic Mass, an event and a book celebrating the 10th birthday of the owners club. In 2017, to encompass a growing Ariel vehicle range, we launched Ariel Club, with evolved branding, new merchandise and a web shop.

If you’re feeling apprehensive about strapping yourself in, we should point out that children as young as seven ride in our Ariel Atom at the annual Supercar Event, a long weekend that raises money for The Children’s Trust. And if they can do it…

Ariel Club logo design

The club logo echoes Ariel’s signature vehicle frames

Ariel Club website
Ariel Nomad

Ariel’s off-road model — the Nomad

Ariel Atom 4 t-shirts
Ariel Nomad 4 t-shirts

Identical twins modelling our Ariel Club gear

Ariel Atom at The Supercar Event

Guest rides at an early Supercar Event. Photo ©NWVT.

Ariel Club

Brand identity
Book design
Web design

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