A few questions you might want to ask Gibson. In fact, questions to ask your new branding agency – whatever they’re called. A bit short of time? Call us on 020 3151 3141 or email us.

What can Gibson do for me?
We offer expertise in brand strategy, brand identity, graphic design, design for print, advertising, direct marketing, copywriting, internal communications, video, content creation, web design, app design and email design.

You look expensive. True?
That might be a compliment, but no, we’re not. Gibson is a small design agency so we don’t have many mouths to feed. We can maintain the quality of our design services without large overheads. Besides, we’ll definitely add to your bottom line, so we think we’re a worthwhile investment.

How do I know you’ve got the experience I need?
All the senior people that work for Gibson have over 20 years in the design and marketing industries. We could give you a long list of the global brands we’ve worked for, but you’ve probably got better things to do than read our CVs.

How would you describe your working method?
We don’t start anything at Gibson without a proper face-to-face design briefing. Sometimes two or three. We get to know you, your brand and your objectives. Anything less is poor preparation. If brand strategy is required, we can help you with that, then we’ll develop some ideas for you based on the outcome, present them for discussion and take it onwards from there. If your brand strategy is already in place, we’ll find the best way possible to answer your brief, with powerful messaging and imagery, and we might even add some wit and humour too, if it’s appropriate. There’s a lot of thinking and planning that goes on before we consider the formal qualities of any design work.

Describe a typical Gibson client?
Our kind of client is smart, open-minded and knows that they can rely on us. They tend to be managing directors, marketing directors or owner-managers. We have clients in the arts, technology, law, travel, construction, media (old and new), energy, leisure, retail, recruitment, publishing, the public sector and a few charities, too. If you don’t fit any of these categories, do still call us. You may not see your exact problem solved amongst our design projects but our approach could be just what you need. We like working with an eclectic list of clients because it keeps the agency refreshed – and involved with the success of different kinds of organisations.

Can I talk to these clients of yours?
We insist. An objective view of what we’re like to work with is essential. We’re glad to provide any number of references. Call us on 020 3151 3141 or drop us an email.

What if I don’t like the work you give me?
Honestly, it’s not going to happen. In all our time in business we’ve never had to go back to the drawing board. In fact, we’re often in the position where a client wants to use more than one idea, which makes for some interesting discussions. We were developing a single brand name for a client’s marketing department recently when they decided to take, and use, four of our suggestions across their business.

Is there anything you won’t do?
Hmmm. We’re not keen on giving away our creative ideas for free in pitches. It’s our livelihood, after all. Great ideas take time and experience to develop and we believe those things have a measurable value. And we won’t exceed our estimate for a design project unless it’s changed in height, width or depth. Golf, too. We don’t do golf. Life’s too short.

I really like your design ideas. Can I copy stuff?
You should know that we hang out with some very mean lawyers.

How do I know you’re real?
The legal stuff: the company is Gibson Creative Ltd. It was registered in England and Wales in 2004 and our registration number is 5169024. Our registered address is 22 Portman Road, London SW14 8NX and our VAT number is 830445842.

Where is Gibson based?
Right beside the Thames in Mortlake, south-west London. We’re 20 minutes from Waterloo (if you’re coming overground from central London) and then two minutes walk from Barnes Bridge station. By 209 bus, we are 10 minutes from Hammersmith.

I have a question that isn’t here, who do I ask?
In the first instance you should call our agency creative director, Steve Gibson, on 020 3151 3141 or you can email us.