Performance 5 was once the UK’s top specialist for performance variants of the Mazda MX-5, with customer cars running up to 300bhp. The motorsport logo design we created for them used an iconic red demon. P5 claimed to release the ‘little devil’ inside the unassuming little sports car. When the company decided to focus purely on bespoke suspension, they launched with the new name SportDrive. We kept the original icon for the new motorsport logo design.

The new logo design had to work on SportDrive products and applied to race cars using the SportDrive suspension technology. This design had to work at a variety of sizes, on a variety of backgrounds. It might be etched, engraved, stamped, laser-cut, printed or painted.

SportDrive logotype

SportDrive logotype

The eyes and the mouth of the demon on the motorsport logo design are a more aggressive expression of the friendly face of the Mazda. It is used in conjunction with the company name and in isolation, to give the most flexibility for product branding, merchandise branding and car branding. SportDrive suspension showed its true worth at Silverstone, on a racing MX-5. The suspension product range continues to evolve to this day, for both road and motorsport use.

SportDrive demon designSportDrive Mazda MX-5