Our technology branding for Sendster had to adapt quickly to new surroundings. Sendster began life as a technology start-up, with a plan to capitalise on advertising on mobile phones, but following a client brainwave, it morphed into a new business. One that specialises in exploiting social media for pubs and restaurants, a field that it’s founder, Carlo Platia, knows well. Sendster is now the only purpose-built social media management platform designed to help pub and restaurant groups increase sales for their local outlets all over the UK.

Sendster logotype design

Sendster logotype

As the business model shifted, our technology branding stayed in place and still continues to serve the remodelled company. We’ve also been kept busy helping with Sendster’s website, application interface and infographics.

Sendster infographics

Sendster technology infographics

Sendster website

Sendster technology website