FT Technologies

FT Technologies are a great British engineering success story, thirty years in the making. They design, build and manufacture the world’s toughest anemometers (wind speed sensors) incorporating their patented Acu-Res technology, but their product and corporate branding was underperforming.

FT Technologies brand identity

FT Technologies logo

All of this expertise and manufacturing knowhow inhabits an unassuming red-brick office and technology centre in suburban Teddington, in Middlesex. There is even an industrial wind tunnel in the building, to put Acu-Res devices through rigorous testing and evaluation.

FT Technologies multi-lingual website

FT Technologies multi-lingual website

We took FT through a rebrand process, developing an evolved FT logo, new product branding for their patented Acu-Res technology, stationery, signage and a multilingual FT website. Our Acu-Res logo is working fearlessly on FT anemometers perched on wind turbines all over the planet – in the face of blazing sunshine, wind, rain and blizzard.

It’s a shame only the seagulls get to appreciate it.