International businesses with staff working across borders and paying tax in those countries (commonly called ‘the shadow payroll’) are wasting millions with inaccurate tax payments every year. There can also be hefty fines imposed by tax authorities for not complying with their unique rules. Add the cost of managing the tax for thousands of footloose employees and you can see how this is a giant headache for an employer.

Working on brand strategy, brand naming, brand identity, a range of marketing materials and a new website, we helped launch Certino – justifiably regarded as the experts in shadow payroll.

Logotype design for Certino

Certino employs sophisticated technology to calculate and administer a client’s shadow payroll and it keeps them fully compliant whilst doing so. The smart process behind Certino’s service originated in a global mobility function set up at Baker Hughes in 2008, where it delivered more than $250 million in tax savings over the next eight years.

All data submitted to Certino is secure and the calculations coming out the other end can be viewed as customisable reports inside the client company. Certino claim savings of up to 20% on international employment tax and more than 50% on the cost of managing the tax payments. For a global enterprise, the projected savings for their shadow payroll can amount to over $50 million within three years of adopting Certino.

C icon for Certino shadow payroll

The ‘top-sliced’ C icon

Certino shadow payroll booklet

Pages from Certino’s introductory A5 booklet

Certino shadow payroll web design

A new website at certino.com