British Humanist Association

Every year the British Humanist Association organises a series of very popular lectures.

Each lecture is an opportunity for a well-respected speaker to give a humanist perspective on a particular subject. The subjects include evolution, women in humanism, freedom of expression, art and literature, philosophy and politics. Professor Richard Dawkins, Dr Alice Roberts and Professor Jerry Coyne are all previous speakers at these events.

In early 2016, and very interested in working with them, we approached the BHA. By coincidence, they had a creative brief sitting unanswered: could we give the BHA lecture series a unified and distinctive visual identity, so that the target audience would recognise that each lecture was part of a series – and that the series repeated annually?

The work below shows the mock-ups we presented for The Darwin Day Lecture 2016 (a real event with Jerry Coyne) and then the same event for 2017 (with a purely hypothetical but appropriate speaker, Neil Shubin). Attendance at the lectures is very much driven by the public profile of each speaker and the promise of a fascinating talk. Thus it made sense to work with a large image of the speaker, partner it with a reusable visual device for each event and establish some consistent typography.

BHA lecture series branding mock-ups

BHA lecture series branding ideas

BHA lecture series branding devices

BHA lecture series branding devices (three of seven)

The first three of seven lectures, The Darwin Day Lecture, The Rosalind Franklin Lecture and The Voltaire Lecture now have their own visual devices (above). There is similarity across the designs but each uses it’s own colour and an icon or symbol representative of the person that the lecture is named after. In the case of The Darwin Day Lecture, it is one of ‘Darwin’s finches’. Darwin pondered 12 species of finch collected during his second journey to the Galapagos Islands that went on to become critical in the development of his theory of evolution by natural selection.

The final design (below) shows the real-world use of the new lecture series branding. It is for The Rosalind Franklin Lecture, the second event for 2016, given by Professor Dame Anne Glover.

BHA The Rosalind Franklin Lecture 2016 branding

The Rosalind Franklin Lecture 2016 announcement

The British Humanist Association is a national charity working on behalf of non-religious people who seek to live ethical and fulfilling lives on the basis of reason and humanity. It promotes a secular state and the equal treatment in law and policy of everyone, regardless of religion or belief.

Update: during 2017, the BHA was rebranded Humanists UK.