Ariel Motor Company

If you’re eagle-eyed (and rubber-necked), you may have spotted an Ariel Atom with our name on it. Let’s call it the company car. When we’re not working, we like to take our braver clients out for some high-speed, serious fun on the UK’s best circuits. Jeremy Clarkson, from TV’s Top Gear, described his drive in an Ariel Atom as ‘the time of my life.’

Our relationship with the Ariel Motor Company began in 2000 when the revolutionary Atom first saw daylight and Simon Saunders, Ariel’s MD, demonstrated the design principle that less really does mean more. More grip. More acceleration. More terror. We were sold. Our first Atom ordered.

Fast forward to 2005, when we were asked to help devise some advertising for the new Ariel Atom 2. It showed the benefits that come with 300bhp installed in a car weighing just over 500kg – acceleration that feels like you’re being kicked up the road by an angry deity.

Speed up to 2010 and we helped design the graphics for Atom X, a celebration of ten years of the Ariel Atom. The party took place at the Ariel factory in Crewkerne, Somerset, followed by a day’s driving at Goodwood circuit in Sussex, where over 70 Atoms made some serious noise. Our work for a 2015 owners club event called Atomic Mass is now one of our design articles.

In 2017, to reflect the much wider Ariel vehicle range, we were tasked with re-branding the Ariel Atom Owners Club. The name was shortened to the pithy ‘Ariel Club’. We evolved and simplified the club branding, designed new merchandise and built a multi-functional website and online shop for them.

The evolved branding for Ariel Club

Merchandise design for Ariel Club

Website design at

If you’re not yet a client and the world rushing backwards turns you on, the answer is yes – we’d love to take you for a spin in the Ariel Atom. However, we do reserve the right to negotiate project fees before rolling back into the pits.

Our Atom giving passenger rides for The Supercar Event in aid of The Children's Trust

The Gibson Ariel Atom giving passenger rides for The Children’s Trust. Image ©2011 NWVT

If you’re feeling apprehensive, can we remind you that kids of all ages ride in our Ariel Atom every year at The Supercar Event, a charity weekend held at the Top Gear circuit in aid of The Children’s Trust. And if they can do it…