About Gibson

Our agency was opened in 2003 by Steve Gibson. In a previous life, Steve was a partner in a central London creative agency, and before that, a creative director at one of London’s prime integrated agencies. He has designed (and written) for little owner-managed businesses, right up to brand names like Adobe, Autodesk, BT, Cisco, Clarks, Royal Mail, Sony, The Prince’s Trust, Warner Records and ZTT.

Gibson has clients in the arts, technology, law, travel, construction, media (old and new), energy, leisure, retail, recruitment, publishing, the public sector and a few charities, too. If you don’t fit any of these categories, do still call us. You may not see your exact problem solved amongst our design projects but our approach could be just what you need. We believe that good ideas are good ideas – whichever sector you happen to be in, and whether it’s online or offline.

Wouldn’t you like to work with a design agency in south-west London that always delivers more than you imagined? ‘We didn’t expect that!’ is something we hear all the time from our clients. It’s because we love our work – whether it’s a brand identity, a piece of graphic design or a website. There’s a commitment at the design agency that goes beyond running a business. If we’re working late on your project, it’s not sloppy time management. It’s a desire to make it as good as we possibly can. Nothing leaves our design studio in south-west London with a brisk ‘That’ll do’. It goes out with a promise of ‘That’s the best it can be.’

We should also make clear that we’re jargon-free. No mystifying techno-babble or marketing tosh. We’re communicators. Our writers are under oath to use plain (and persuasive) English.

Our creative services aren’t a cost that you have to grin and bear, they’re an investment that you can measure – a higher profile, a bigger share of your market, an outstanding campaign response, a website that connects you to new customers or simply a business card that you’re proud to hand over.

Are we your kind of design agency? Call Steve Gibson on 020 3151 3141 or email us.