Ambit Moat

Logotype for Ambit Moat branding

Ambit Moat logo design

Proud of their unusual, new name, Ambit Moat came to us for help with their visual branding, site signage and web presence. They are specialists in fit-out and refurbishment, turning their clients’ ideas into fully finished offices, large scale business sites and technical workspace – such as laboratories.

During some early discussions with the client it became clear that ‘Ambit Moat’ would undoubtedly be shortened to ‘Ambit’ in their industry, which meant that we could afford to be a little more playful with the brand’s visual identity. One half of the company name is a simple symbol that brings the brand to life in three dimensions.

The Ambit Moat branding was rolled out during early 2017, while the website will be developed across that year.

Safety helmet with Ambit Moat branding

Ambit Moat helmet visualisation


Safety vest with Ambit Moat branding

Ambit Moat branded safety clothing


Fleet vehicle with Ambit Moat branding

Ambit Moat fleet vehicle visualisation